Proprietors of Woodstock Connecticut

1. Thomas and Joseph Bacon, thirty acres. 2. James Corbin, twenty acres. 3. Minister’s lot, twenty acres. 4. Benjamin Sabin, twenty acres. 5. Henry Bowen, fifteen acres. 6. Thomas Lyon, sixteen acres. 7. Ebenezer Morris, eighteen acres. 8. Matthew Davis, sixteen acres. 9. William Lyon, Sr., and Ebenezer Cass. These lots were all laid out …read more

Biography of Charles Hathaway Brown

Charles Hathaway Brown, son of Hiram N. Brown, and brother of Henry N. Brown, was born Oct. 21, 1842, in West Woodstock, Conn., and removed with his father’s family in 1854 to Putnam, where his later boyhood was passed and his preparation for business was received. In July, 1870, associated with F.W. Perry, the two …read more

Biography of Henry Newton Brown

Henry Newton Brown, son of Hiram N. Brown, brother of Charles Hathaway Brown, was born Jan. 30, 1839, in Woodstock, Conn., and secured his education in the public schools of Putnam and at Wilbraham Academy. Beginning his business life as a clerk in Putnam, he established himself in the dry-goods business, later confining himself through …read more

Biography of Hiram N. Brown

Hiram N. Brown was born June 7, 1812, in New London, Conn., not far from the Waterford town line, a son of David and Lydia (Stebbins) Brown, natives of the same locality. David Brown was a grocery merchant for many years in New London, and a well-known citizen throughout that section of country, being prominent …read more

Windham, Connecticut Biographies

Ansel Arnold, youngest son of Samuel and Amity (Pomeroy) Arnold, was born in Somers, Conn., August 8th, 1815. At the age of 21 he commenced the manufacture of shaker hoods at Mansfield Centre, which he continued till 1841, when he removed to Somerville, and was engaged in that enterprise in connection with keeping a general …read more

Woodstock Connecticut Biographies

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Woodstock, Windham County, Connecticut History

The northwest corner of Windham county is occupied by the ample territory of Woodstock, eight miles by seven and a half in extent, comprising an area of nearly sixty square miles. It is the largest town in the county and retains, with least change, its- original limits, its only loss occurring from a slight removal …read more

Thompson Connecticut Biographies 1

Samuel Adams was born in 1832, in Dudley, Mass., and is a son of Oliver Adams. He came to Wilsonville in 1857 and bought the mercantile business of D. A. Upham, and has continued the same since that time. In 1888 he enlarged the store, and increased the business. He has been postmaster since June, …read more

Windham, Windham County, Connecticut History 1

The town of Windham, one of the smallest in geographical size, but the largest in population, wealth and business importance, occupies the extreme southwest corner of Wind ham county. Its area is about two and three-fourths square miles. The beautiful valley of the Willimantic river extends along the southern part, entering at the extreme western …read more

Willimantic Connecticut Biographies

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